Welcome to the History section of the Cedar Valley Society of CPCU.

CPCU was founded in 1942.   Two years later the CPCU Society was created.  The Eastern Iowa Chapter territory, consisting of Waterloo/Cedar Falls, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Dewitt, was formed in 1960.

In 1961, the goals of the Chapter were to promote a professional approach to insurance business and to promote sponsorship of insurance education.  Primarily the Chapter members strive for continual self-improvement, to contribute to the industry and find ways which would be a benefit to the general insuring public.

A joint meeting with the Des Moines Chapter was held in 1964 to discuss holding an “I” Day and inviting agents within a 50 mile radius.  That same year the Eastern Iowa CPCU Chapter had 17 students and IIA had 23 students, which was the largest Educational program offered in Cedar Rapids.  The Eastern Iowa CPCU Chapter presented the first scholarships, CPCU for $50 and IIA for $20.

The late 1960’s experienced membership decline and discussion that Davenport (Quad Cities), wanted to form their own Chapter.  During this time CPCU and CLU had their first joint meeting.

In 1970, due to limited space at Kirkwood Community College, CPCU and IIA classes were moved to United Fire Group in downtown Cedar Rapids.  In 1973, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Iowa City became the Cedar Valley Chapter.  The Eastern Iowa Chapter dismantled.  Quad Cities and Dewitt have formed their own Chapter.

The first woman to be elected to the board was in 1979.  At that time, the CPCU 7 class had 35 students, INS 21 class had 66 students and INS 23 class had 28 students enrolled.  Student fees are $30 for IIA and $50 for CPCU course. 

In 1989, the Cedar Valley CPCU Chapter had 84 members, of which 13 were women. 

In 2014, the newly renamed Cedar Valley Society CPCU Chapter boasts membership of 101, of which 30 are women.

In 2016, the Chapter gained 35 New Designees.

In 2017, the Chapter gained 4 New Designees, with a total of 117 members.

In 2018, the Chapter gained 10 New Designees, with a total of 115 members.


Past Presidents

2018 Jeanne Kramer, CPCU
2017 Victoria Chase, CPCU
2016 Michael Fox, CPCU
2014-15 Leah Olson, CPCU
2013-14 Dawn Hayes, CPCU
2012-13 Steven Watters, CPCU
2011-12 Patricia Hoge, CPCU
2010-11 Steve Webb, CPCU
2009-10 Jaye Kasper, CPCU
2008-09 Jacqueline M Devine, CPCU
2007-08 Patricia Hoge, CPCU
2006-07 David L. Brooks, CPCU
2005-06 Daniel P. Huber, CPCU
2004-05 David L. Brooks, CPCU
2003-04 David G. Dennis, CPCU
2002-03 David C. Nicholas, CPCU
2001-02 Kurt Edward Feller, CPCU
2000-01 Michael J. Fox, CPCU
1999-00 Scott Morningstar, CPCU
1998-99 James Bouslog, CPCU
1997-98 Michael Sheeley, CPCU
1996-97 Carlton B. Johnson, CPCU
1995-96 Mike Bringolf, CPCU
1994-95 Peter M. Layden, CPCU
1993-94 Randy Ramlo, CPCU
1992-93 Charles T. Heins, CPCU
1991-92 Donald K. Flack Jr., CPCU
1990-91 Thomas M. Brickley, CPCU
1989-90 Harold A. Hagen, CPCU
1988-89 John A. Van De Voort, CPCU
1987-88 Gerald J. Houlihan, CPCU
1986-87 Onias E. Shifflett, CPCU
1985-86 Brian Baxter, CPCU
1984-85 Ann Klever, CPCU
1983-84 Philip D. Brooks, CPCU
1982-83 Norbert Brasser, CPCU
1981-82 Loren L. Coppock, CPCU
1980-81 John T. Anderson, CPCU
1979-80 Paul H. Darling, CPCU
1978-79 Not Available
1977-78 William R. Pendersen, CPCU
1976-77 Richard K. Cooper, CPCU
1975-76 Harry A. Hagen, CPCU
1974-75 Vernon H. Pooley, CPCU
1973-74 William Rinderknecht, CPCU
1972-73 Gerald D. Seidl, CPCU
1971-72 Gerald D. Seidl, CPCU
1970-71 Robert W. Nelson, CPCU       
1969-70 Riley N. Crawford, CPCU
1968-69 Riley N. Crawford, CPCU
1967-68 Scott McIntyre, Jr., CPCU
1966-67 John J. Fattig, CPCU
1965-66 Fred L. Bjornson, CPCU
1964-65 Riley N. Crawford, CPCU
1963-64 Howard A. Sohn, CPCU
1962-63 William L. Gallogly, CPCU
1961-62 William L. Gallogly, CPCU
1960-61 Bernard W. Moore, CPCU
1959-60 Not Available